My name is Paul and I’m a recovering addict of 7 years. I found my way into the ‘rooms’ on the 7th July 2010 and they helped me to keep clean and slowly build the resilience to participate in a clean life.   My addiction though goes well beyond excessive intake of mind-altering substances. Drink and Drugs are the symptom, not the disease. And it was with Clearmind International and their Awakening workshop that I took the first steps to uncovering and correcting the real problem in my life – which to cut to the chase – is my relationship […]

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Man Down

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in a car, even when hopelessly and utterly lost, is incapable of stopping and asking a stranger for directions. Men always feel they should know how to get to their destination and are embarrassed when they don’t. It’s no different to how men face up to, or more accurately, don’t face up to personal problems. Why do men have trouble acknowledging they have a problem; why do they have difficulty in discussing their feelings and; why do they find it so hard to ask for a hand to lift them out […]

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Ditch those toxic tech habits & become a better version of you

Care to admit it or not, we’ve become a nation of digital dependents where we spend more time looking at our screens every day than we do sleeping (on average 8 hours 41 minutes). In fact, the average adult picks up their phone 150 times a day, so it’s hardly surprising that 69% of children say their parents spend too much time on technology. If we look at the building blocks of happiness based on Positive Psychology Professor Martin Seligman‘s PERMA model, we find five key areas we need to nurture and cultivate in order to live a happy and […]

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One of the most common reactions to my work has been, “Have you considered making it bigger?” There’s a strong belief that people are only willing to look at things if they’re large, that small is unworthy of notice. And yet how many hours a day are now spent looking at the screens of our phones? Everything must find its proper proportion. Insects can’t get above a certain size or else they’d suffocate in their exoskeletons. Eggs are notoriously fragile but on closer examination they’re remarkably strong. And things which seem impressive to us can still break very easily. We’re […]

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when love hurts

When Love Hurts

How couples get stuck in a “dance of distress” Most of us seek a close, committed, loving relationship; someone who is there for us when we need them, someone who can respond to us when we require close connection and with whom we can confide and share our feelings and concerns. We seek a relationship in which we feel emotional and physical intimacy. When we are in such a relationship we are happier, healthier and more resilient in the face of life’s storms. Indeed, many couples begin their relationship with the sense that they have found their best friend for […]

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A New Years resolution you can stick to…

This is that time of year when we start to create new resolutions and set an intention for new habits. In the past I’ve normally made mine around health and how I would improve it, either through more exercise or diet, normally the latter. For me, a woman, I don’t think I’m alone. Other women around me would enter the office come January eating their 200 calorie soups, new gym membership in hand and on a kick to lose weight. The media is showing photographs of beautiful air-brushed bodies signalling how you can lose weight fast, get the stomach “we’ve […]

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Remembering ‘me’ and dealing with loneliness, anxiety and depression at Christmas

My Christmas For the last 10 years or so Christmas for my family has looked quite different each year. We are a small unit of only 4 in this country, and every year one or all of us have been going through challenges. Sometimes we did well to support each other and unite as a team, and Christmas was a comforting experience, reminding us of where there is love in our lives, and to be grateful and generous. Other times it was a struggle to reconcile what we thought Christmas should look like, with the reality of our circumstances.. It’s […]

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Stress and the body – A new way to relieve tension

The next TRE Group at HQ will be on Friday December 16th 9:30-11am

I have been a qualified Craniosacral Therapist since 2012, and have been involved with TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) since 2014. I’ve had a keen interest in yoga since my teens, and it was whilst on a yoga retreat that I learnt about Craniosacral Therapy. It made me think about how our bodies carry the stories of our lives, with different degrees of tension held within each of us. Craniosacral therapy allows our bodies to be ‘heard,’ and helps to re-balance our nervous system. The physical process of TRE® similarly helps to quiet the nervous system, and the practical exercises means you can learn the routine and then do it at home, as and when you need. When you have an achey back or have had a stressful day for example.

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Mindful or Mind Full? A Gestalt Personal Development Group

Gestalt therapy is an existential, experiential form of psychotherapy which focuses on the individuals here and now (present moment) experience/awareness through its approach. Being a holistic form of psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy looks at the whole person in regards to their mind, and body (thoughts and feelings) inseparably. Gestalt group work offers the opportunity for individuals to explore personal issues with others who are interested in understanding themselves, and their relationship with others. Some of the benefits that may arise from Gestalt group work are: The development of greater awareness, A chance to work and experiment with a wide range of […]

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A photo by Greg Rakozy.

On becoming an observer of my own mind

I started practicing mindfulness and meditation 10 years ago. I stumbled across it by chance really, not really having heard of it, and having a fair few preconceptions about it.

At the time, I was a typical young work-hard play-hard Londoner, who also suffered from insomnia and anxiety.

I didn’t want the anxiety, and looking back I spent a lot of energy trying to push it away, by filling my life with things to do and achieve – my days were packed, from the moment I woke up at 5am to go running, to the moment I went to sleep around midnight, after a long day of working and socialising.

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